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Parenting Journals Editor´s Choice

Year of Firsts
By  Lori Ramsey of Stages-inPregnancy.com 


Baby’s first year of life is a year full of firsts.  More firsts will be experienced in this year than in any other year of their life.
  It starts the day they are born, as they take their first breath of air.  Having a nice “Baby’s First Year” calendar is good to record all these wonderful firsts.

One the most rapid changes you will note will be weight gain.  Pounds will pile on at roughly one pound per month.  Breastfed babies will gain slower and less than bottle fed babies.  Both are considered normal.  Baby will also gain approximately an inch a month in height.

First Month

The cord – “umbilical cord” which was your baby’s lifeline for 9 months will finally fall off around the 3 week mark, leaving a cute little belly button in its place.  This will lead to the first real bath.

Baby should start to follow objects with his/her eyes and will turn towards sounds.  At the end of the fist month baby will show you their true smile. 

Second Month

This month finds true laughter coming from those sweet little smiles.  This is a time of discovery as baby will discover they have a fist and possibly a thumb.  Baby’s neck muscles are getting stronger and they will be able to hold their heads up.  You may even hear that first little coo!

Third Month

Baby will start to show an interest in toys and might start to roll over.

Fourth Month

Baby will start to grasp at objects and may attempt to even hold toys.  If propped, a baby can sit up.

Fifth Month

If baby is bottle fed, chances are they are holding their own bottle.  They can socialize by waving bye-bye now.  You may see the first sign of teeth start to appear (but some will wait until they are closer to a year to cut teeth!)

Watch out!  Baby might start to roll over.  Make sure when you lay him/her down they are in a safe location and cannot roll off of where they are placed.  You may hear their first words like “da da” or “ma ma”.

Sixth Month

This may be the month that they are introduced to solid foods – though it’s okay to have started this sooner or later.  Just be sure to introduce foods slowly – one every 3 days or so to make sure they can tolerate it.

Some babies may start crawling during this month.

Seventh Month

By now your baby should be able to sit better.  He/she may even be able to sit up by themselves.

Eighth Month

If baby has been introduced to solid foods, they may enjoy holding their own spoons.  They have also learned to clap their hands together.  Baths are super fun for baby as they can sit up in the water and splash.

Watch out again, baby may start to pull themselves to a standing position!   You may catch them standing for a few seconds before they tumble back down.  Normally walking comes later – but for a few taking those first steps at this point can happen – so be ready!

Ninth Month

Baby will find their voice and start to “sing”. 

Tenth Month

You may hear baby utter one or two clear words this month.  Some will start to walk – and most can walk with help.

Eleventh Month

Baby should be able to feed themselves and hold their own sippy cup.

Please note that this list of “firsts for baby” is a generalized list.  Not every baby will hold to this particular schedule.  Some may excel in areas while others may wait a couple of months.  Keep scheduled well-baby check-ups and follow the advice of your physician.  Use this list as a guide but be flexible with your expectations.

Contributed by Lori Ramsey of Stages in Pregnancy.
All rights reserved ©Lori Ramsey, no reproduction allowed.

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