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Parenting Journals Editor´s Choice

Preparing for Baby
By  Lori Ramsey of Stages-in-Pregnancy.com 

The baby business is a booming biz.  So many products are out there to make life easier on mom and dad – so many “must haves”.
If you watch a lot of TV you’ll see commercials for the latest and greatest baby item.  Sit in any OB doctor office and thumb through a magazine and the ads are all geared to make you feel you must go out and buy the latest equipment to hit the market.  I was amazed at how much “stuff” a tiny baby needs.

Though there are many impulsive items that are unnecessary – or they only exist to make life a bit easier – one item that’s totally essential is the infant car seat.  All the USA hospitals have laws in place that a new baby cannot be discharged unless they are in a proper infant car seat first.

Another necessary item – or rather items-- are baby clothes.  The types of clothing that a new baby will need depend on what season of the year they are born.  For warmer seasons, having several “onesies” (one-piece outfit) will do and for cooler seasons,  you’ll want footed pajamas or gowns.  Having about a half a dozen of these will get you through the newborn phase.  Buying or borrowing cutesy baby clothes is certainly an option, though not a necessity.  Also have several pair of socks – even in the warmer weather, a newborn is susceptible to being cooler than older children and adults.  And for cooler weather,  be sure to have a couple of knit hats to keep their little heads nice and warm.

Another necessity is a place for baby to sleep.  Babies can sleep in a number of different places such as your bed, a crib, bassinet or even a pack-n-play.  The most important thing to consider is baby’s safety.  Cribs are great, as you can use them from the very beginning and up until they are ready for a bigger bed.  Bassinets are nice for their mobility, but they will only work while the baby is 3 months and under.  Many people also use a Pack-n-Play as a baby bed – and this works well if you are limited for room.

Whatever option you select for your baby to be in while sleeping or playing unattended, make certain there are no safety recalls on that particular piece of baby gear—check this website if you have any doubts—it’s a Godsend to baby caregivers http://www.kidsindanger.org/

Also, no matter where you put your baby to sleep, have several receiving blankets, especially for a newborn.  Receiving blankets work well to swaddle the baby and help them to have a more restful sleep.

Here is a list of items your baby may need –

Bottles (if you plan to bottle feed)
Breast pump if you plan to breastfeed
Burp Cloths
Baby bathtub
Baby towels
Baby washcloths
Baby soap
Baby toiletries (these are not necessary, but items such as powders and lotions may be used)

You may want to keep a few medications for your baby too – but be sure to clear it with their doctor first.  Infant Tylenol (acetaminophen) drops for fevers and simethicone drops for gas are safe. 

Later you will want a high chair for the baby to learn to eat at around 6 months, when they can sit up.  You can also get a convertible booster seat that acts as a high chair with a removable tray.  This is ideal for travel or for dining rooms that are too small for a full-size high chair.

These next items aren’t a “necessity” but are nice to have around for they make life with a baby a bit easier.

Bouncy Seat – These seats have a toy bar attached, and some will play music and/or vibrate.
Baby Swing – These gently swing the baby, some with music.  Some babies will not care for the swing, some will love it.
Jumping Johnnie – these attach to a door frame and the baby is suspended and can “jump” around in the seat.
Play pen or yard
Changing Table
Walkers (for older babies)

And don’t forget diapers – whether you will be using cloth or disposable, you will need to have on hand at least a few days worth.  Newborns will need about 6 to 10 diaper changes a day.  And again, whether you use cloth or disposable – you will need wipes to clean the baby during the diaper changes.

When shopping for your newborn, be wise about the purchases.  There are many different items geared towards new parents.  Think about safety and ease of use – and think about whether or not you’ll actually use or need the item. Most importantly – have fun shopping for your new little bundle of joy!

Contributed by Lori Ramsey of Stages in Pregnancy.
All rights reserved ©Lori Ramsey, no reproduction allowed.

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