The See Shell Baby Carrier is a baby carrier that has an innovative, lightweight design parents and family will love to use. 

Tired of lugging that heavy car seat carrier everywhere you go? In and out… buckling … unbuckling … taking turns carrying it around and trying to squeeze it into restaurant booths or church pews? What a pain! Not to mention the pain in your back or arms when you have to haul it around for any distance! Here’s the solution!

This new Made in the USA “See Shell Baby Carrier” is not only nice-looking, it weighs in at only 6 pounds! AND it passed critical consumer safety standards through independent safety tests at the ACTS Testing Labs in Buffalo, New York. Its unique look and design, the Tri-Lockster seatbelt buckle system and patented tubular steel handle make this lightweight baby accessory a MUST HAVE for new parents!

The See Shell makes a great feeding seat when you’re away from home and a high chair is not readily available.

And don’t think its usefulness is over when your little tyke is too big to sit in it anymore . . . when he or she begins playing with teddy bears or baby dolls, the See Shell makes a wonderful seat, carrier, high chair, or any other vehicle of your child’s imagination . . . great for teaching nurturing skills!